Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego prof. dr hab. MONIKI URBANIAK

Szybka i profesjonalna pomoc prawna


Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego prof. dr hab. MONIKI URBANIAK

Szybka i profesjonalna pomoc prawna


About us

The Law Office of Dr Monika Urbaniak guarantees top quality services to its Clients. The Office lawyers have provided their services in the region of Wielkopolska for many years.

We are fully aware that entrepreneurs appreciate most of all premium, efficient and fast legal advice, indispensable in today’s economic transactions. Years of experience (including both practical aspects of legal operations and academic practice) allow us to cater flexibly to our Clients’ needs.

The prime objective of The Law Office is the assurance of comprehensive legal security to the Clients and the exercise of due diligence when working on a particular case. To this end, the Law Office treats each Client on a case-by-case basis, appointing if necessary an additional team of consultants with specialist know-how and ample experience. The Office lawyers speak fluent English, Spanish and Italian.

The Law Office constantly develops its basic operations, i.e. is ever better able to provide solutions to complicated legal issues, keeps abreast of changes in legislation and opens up to present-day developments in the area of law. The Office lawyers’ personal involvement in the task at hand has a decisive impact on the quality of our services. This helps us earn the trust of a growing Clientele.


In particular, The Law Office offers legal advice in the following areas:

  • civil law
  • commercial law
  • economic law
  • medical law
  • labour law
  • bankruptcy and reorganisation law
  • administrative law
  • public procurement law
  • freight law
  • copyright and related rights law

Furthermore, to cater to our Clients’ expectations, we offer assistance in areas of tax law, medical law, environmental law, antitrust law, competition law, consumer law, privatisation law, copyright and related rights law, advertisement and sponsoring law, financial law, and customs law.



The Office is located in the heart of Poznań.

We are available for Clients Mondays through Fridays between 8 am and 4 pm

ul. Czartoria 1/2, 61-102 Poznań
phone 61 8550688
fax 61 8550506